Sunday, January 8, 2012

You, too, can capture the cosmos!

What if I were to tell you I could increase the subject matter for your photography--and perhaps even your creative vision--by four times.  It's true... and it's relatively simple.

Most people who take photographs do so in the daytime, and nearly everyone has their camera aimed somewhere below the horizon.  But suppose you would aim your camera skyward from time to time... since the sky represents half of the outdoor environment, that simple act would double your photographic subject matter.

And suppose, instead of packing it all in after the unset, but continue shooting well into the night, you would again double your photographic subject matter.  Yes, I know it's dark, but you'd be surprised how much beauty is available to your camera if you think a bit differently about where you aim your camera.

That's what this blog is all about... to help you broaden your vision, to add a whole new paradigm to your photographic thinking... to help you capture the cosmos.  I hope you'll visit from time to time to check out what's new or, better yet, join or subscribe so you're notified immediately of new content.

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In the meantime, keep looking--and shooting--up!          -- Dennis